Tickets for the European Championship can be bought directly at the entrance to the ballpark..

Purchasing the ticket guarantees you entry into the ballpark; however, it does not guarantee you a place to sit in the stands. The number of seats is limited, and in the case of attractive match-ups, there may not be enough seats for everyone. Those who come early enough will have the opportunity to take the best seats. We therefore recommend that all fans who want to get a good view of the game come some time before the start of the game they wish to watch. Some seats will be reserved for organizers, participating teams and journalist.

There are 198 seats in the main stands, and 50 more on the bleachers. Visitors can also watch games from behind the fences around the field. Holders of regular tickets will be allowed entry to all areas with the exception of places reserved for organizers, the press and teams and dignitaries.

Day tickets cost EUR 2 (CZK 50), afternoon tickets can be obtained for EUR 1.2 (CZK 30). Children under 10 years of age get free entry. The price of the ticket includes a free drink